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Data And AI Blog Post 50
Data and AI

Data & Artificial Intelligence: Advantages, solutions, and the future of automated systems

The phenomenon of Data & Artificial Intelligence applications in industries around the world is revolutionizing production processes, making them more efficient, intelligent, and productive. With great analytical and data-crossing capabilities, Data & Artificial Intelligence solutions gain strength by turning decision-making into a much more agile and informed process.
Milton Nunes (3)
Milton Nunes 3 minutes
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Journey Mountaintop Adobestock 63957487

Destination Cloud: a certainty in times of uncertainty

The defining technology of our time, the Cloud, is seen as the answer to a limitless number of challenges, regardless of industry. While the route to overcome many of those trials varies, the destination is clear. Andrew Soeiro from Avanade Portugal explores why the future is in the Cloud and how to get there.
Andrew Soeiro
Andrew Soeiro 5 minutes
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