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Curiosity can take us far

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Technology and companies that operate and leverage digital acceleration have a dual role towards a model that will contribute to global sustainability.

In one hand, the growing and incorporated use of technology in our daily lives (and the dependence that the companies themselves have on it to operate their business) causes a natural increase in the use of resources and means that meet this growing need. On the other hand, it brings us an incredible opportunity for democratization through cloud technologies, built on concepts of efficiency, optimization, automation, scale and centralization; allowing us to realize the full potential of transforming and really impacting our daily footprint.

Waste reduction, reskilling of employees, technical specializations, transformation of the consumption model based on capex, to a new sustainable and effective opex model, are some of the daily challenges.

The role of technology in organizations today is therefore undeniable. With platforms always available, business processes are optimized, the offer of products/services is extended and the capacity for innovation is more present than ever.

In this context, Cloud platforms are increasingly at the center of these solutions and migration to the Public Cloud can even contribute to increase operational margins and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of infrastructures.

But the transformation of organizations, which is reflected in their operations, channels, processes, technology platforms and competencies, brings structuring challenges. One certainty remains: each organization must be fully focused on its competitive advantage, its value proposition and its products and services.

At Building the Future 2022, Logicalis will fulfil its positioning. It will present two solutions that meet the growing need for the adoption of flexible, scalable and secure Cloud technologies. With the presentation of Production Ready Cloud (PRC) and Secure on Mesh, we formalize a clear positioning strategy in the Portuguese market. We act as a Cloud Managed Services Provider, which brings speed, curiosity, expertise, and innovation to the customers we accompany in this journey.

Secure On Mesh by Logicalis

Cybersecurity is clearly one of the key concerns of organizations. According to IDC, 71% of executives say that security concerns hinder innovation in their companies; 69% of organizations recognize security as a business enabler; and 60% of organizations are not incorporating the security dimension at the start of every initiative.

To compete in today's market, it is necessary to be able to adapt organizations to each opportunity and challenge, in real time. This context requires unprecedented digital agility and flexibility, while maintaining the balance between security and data integrity. It is no longer enough to protect the technology infrastructure; it becomes urgent to protect applications and the data that constitutes them. Organizations need solutions that incorporate telemetry and response, in real time, in all the components of the digital fabric of their structure.

Secure OnMesh is designed to provide a 24/7 detection and response SOC service. The solution is built around 4 main elements:

  • Logicalis SOC
    • Global Security Operations Centre
    • Continuous monitoring
    • 10+ years of SOC experience
    • Certified and Accredited


  • Logicalis Security Services
    • Definition/creation and monitoring of cybersecurity strategy
    • Digital security services
    • Rapid incident response
    • Simplification of complex cyber-security scenarios


  • Azure Sentinel
    • Data analytics at scale
    • Native integrations to Microsoft Cloud solutions
    • Connectors to third-party security ecosystem tools
    • Orchestration and automation


  • Cisco SecureX
    • Ecosystem-wide data integration
    • Advanced XDR capabilities
    • Optimization and automation
    • Simplicity and visibility

Secure On Mesh is operated by Logicalis' Global Services Organization (GSO), providing instant scale and global reach. Our centers are located in Singapore, Brazil, Jersey and South Africa, and from March 2022, also in Portugal.

Production Ready Cloud by Logicalis

At Logicalis, we combine strategy with technical excellence to help every organization anywhere in the world, build, refine and realize their transformation vision. According to Flexera's State of the Cloud Report 2020, 83% of organizations name security as a top challenge; 82% of spend on Cloud services; and 79% of organizations say that ruling Cloud models are a deciding factor in adopting these technologies. Adopting Cloud platforms offers obvious benefits, but the transformation and adoption journey is not always as straightforward as it first appears.

Through our strategic and global partnership with Microsoft and being one of ninety Azure Expert MSP certified partners worldwide, we have created Production Ready Cloud (PRC), a managed services solution on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our approach enables you to keep pace with the transformation of organizations through a modern, scalable and secure Cloud platform, delivered in a fast, cost-effective and controlled way. Based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Logicalis' Production Ready Cloud (PRC) solution provides a platform for scalability of any technology, high availability, cost efficiency and a blueprint for continuous innovation. Aiming to implement a blueprint that powers constant and future innovation models, the PRC focuses on 4 main dimensions:

  • Architecture and Design
    • Provides a foundation with guard rails that allows future implementations to be accelerated, so that innovation and value can be delivered across the organization quickly.
  • Security and Compliance
    • Automated security and identity management, embedded compliance policies and procedures. Disaster recovery and business continuity ensured, avoiding any disruption in the organizations’ operations.
  • Networking and Governance
    • Centralized governance, visibility and manageability through a secure, access-controlled network. Detailed, workload-based logging and auditing capabilities.
  • Application Innovation
    • Access to the latest Cloud technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, as well as the use of DevOps methodologies that accelerate application innovation.

Production Ready Cloud is clearly a solution built on the Logicalis philosophy. It is the result of 15 years' experience acting as Managed Service Provider and about 8 years acting as Cloud Managed Service Provider focused on Microsoft Cloud technologies.

Logicalis, Architects of Change

Logicalis is a Global IT Solutions & Digital Services Provider that accelerates the digital transformation of its customers worldwide through an international network of centers of expertise, industry-leading teams and global strategic partnerships with Cisco and Microsoft. With a clear strategy to create new solutions for continuity, combining its experience, operations, capacity of scale and key partnerships, Logicalis currently operates in 27 countries. Recently it reinforced its bet in Portugal with the announcement of the opening of its new GSO in Portugal, which will serve the operations of EMEA countries, as well as the creation of a local Cloud Services team.

With the bet in Portugal of its Cloud services, Logicalis aims to strengthen its presence with national customers, supporting the entire cycle of its Microsoft and Logicalis solutions and presenting its offer in 3 dimensions:

  • Global Solutions
    • Managed solutions aimed at supporting organizations in their digital transformation, supporting different IT models, freeing up space in organizations from their daily operations, allowing them to focus on creativity and the evolution of their business processes:
      • Production Ready Cloud - Managed Cloud Solution
      • Secure on Mesh - Managed Security Solution
      • Collaboration Suite - Managed Collaboration Solution


  • Local Solutions
    • Solutions based on our local experience and expertise, focused on optimizing, automating and delivering Microsoft Cloud technologies, combining workloads and functionalities from other vendors:
      • Virtual Desktop Solution - With the combination of Citrix and Microsoft solutions


  • Local Services
    • Local services through our team of consultants and cloud architects with experience in Microsoft technologies and the curiosity to do so:
      • Subscription Services
      • Competencies Services
      • Cloud Professional Services

The journey of transformation is long. In fact, I'd say it doesn't end. Organizations must be focused on their business, and the support and participation of partners like Logicalis is critical. As a partner and element of this giant digital ecosystem, our role is clear: challenge the world to be faster; challenge organizations to innovate and create; and challenge the market to be curious and give opportunities to new partners and solutions, always supporting and embodying that curiosity.



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