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Why you should start thinking about 5G today

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Why you should start thinking about 5G today

Pedro Machado 2 minutes Share


Transformation is a process that encloses one of the greatest dichotomies of the human being. Transformation requires change, and where there is change there is friction. But if this resistance is deeply natural, it is also evident the inevitability of this transformation. However, although we do not choose it in its essence (it inevitably impacts us), we have the opportunity to choose the direction, the path, the speed, and the means to do so.

It is with this conviction that the potential of digital transformation emerges. The technological disruption of the last decades has accelerated the transformation of our lives, companies, and societies at a pace that creates collective amnesia. Each transformation has impacted our lives in such a way that we no longer remember how we lived without cars, television, computers, phones, etc. This cognitive difficulty is generated by the drastic change that these evolutions have brought, with quantum leaps in the quality of our lives to the point of considering it impossible to live without them.

The pace of this technological disruption has been based on cycles that are increasingly shortening and approaching the point where we start living in a world of uninterrupted radical change. But this does not imply that there are no accelerators that mark new eras, expand horizons, and make many of our dreams viable. 5G promises to be the mark of this new digital age.

5G is expected to bring an economic impact greater than €1.2B by 2035, with more than 22.3 million jobs created globally. This impact will be enhanced by different solutions that take advantage of 5G speed, latency, device massification, and reliability to optimize operations and create new services. Transversal to any sector of activity, this impact represents an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

As a catalyst for innovation, 5G does not contain every opportunity but rather presents itself as an unlocker of them. Technologies such as immersive reality, the internet of things, drones, robotization, or autonomous driving are well-known concepts that with 5G will impact and scale. But if any of this potential is clear, much of the future is yet to be unveiled.

It is therefore important to have a strategy to take advantage of this lever in a context that is necessarily complex. Since then, it is essential to have a clear vision of all the opportunities we have been able to anticipate, and that results from a clear analysis of the challenges and opportunities that exist and the potential that 5G opens up. We must then qualify impacts and maturities, quantifying the gains of efficiency and experience and evaluating the technological maturity of the different use cases. This vision, which is necessarily evolutionary over time, will allow the creation of priority clusters:

i) what is already available and what we should focus on;

ii) what has a potentially high impact but lower maturities and which we should test;

iii) and what we should follow when appropriate to move forward.

This framework, based on results with visibility of the level of availability, is essential so that, in parallel, we can take advantage of existing opportunities and accelerate future learning opportunities for greater relevancy. Having the ability to successfully define and execute this strategy will be decisive to achieving a more sustainable country, more competitive companies, and better quality of life. The future is a blank page and begins today.

Pedro Machado

Head of New Business B2B at NOS



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