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26 - 28 JAN 2021

Digitally Transforming Portugal

Economy, Education & Innovation

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Edu Day

28th January 2021

The 3rd day of Building the Future is totally dedicated to education and technology.  We want to bring those who teach, who learn, who decide, who lead, who research and who support this ecosystem together. We will deliver readiness on how to use technology to enable the digital transformation of education while visioning the future of Portugal, empowering anytime, anywhere learning. For this EduDay we partnered with Fundação José Neves that is also building strategies to promote a society of knowledge. Lets build brighter futures together.


Building The Future is where technology, leadership and education meet to empower people, organizations through a 100% digital experience.

Where you’ll find world-class experts that are changing the way we interact with reality. And where you’ll be able to learn from them with hands-on sessions and outstanding use cases.

Since its first edition, Building the Future established itself as Portugal’s greatest digital transformation event, returning in 2021 to build the vision, the strategy, the foundations and the code necessary to create the future. In this edition, we will also have a full dedicate day to highlighting the importance of education as an economy booster in the digital era.

Digital transformation is happening right now at an incredible pace and it’s impossible not to embrace it.

Building the Future is the place where experts around the world meet, helping us understand how technology is constantly redefining human progress. In the 2020 edition, speakers such as the innovative Laila Pawlak, the “Geek in Disguise” Steve Clayton and the technology entrepreneur John Straw shared their inspiring vision, giving us essential tools that will help us keep building the future.

Get to know the current trends and build the vision for a collective future.

If you think your company is already digitally transformed and making the most of it, think again.

At Building the Future we go beyond concepts: we’ll show you, in concrete and tangible ways, the gains new technologies will bring to your business and to our education system.

Learn from anywhere with the visionary leaders and innovative case studies on how to have a holistic approach to sustainability, how to build trust under attack or how to develop the right skill set to new tech careers.

Get ready to boost your company’s productivity, creating new products and services and reshaping the way they collaborate , work and learn.

In a world where all businesses are technological, you don’t need to be a heavy user or developer to understand how it impacts the world we live in.

It’s vital to empower all those who deal with technology on a daily basis to subjects such Data, Trust and Sustainability so they can make a difference.

Once we strongly believe in democratising technology, the content offered during the event will allow the participants to fully emerge into what a technological business and education are and to be up to date with technological innovation.

Go deeper. Move forward. Code!

Whether you are a DevOps, an IT Pro, a Maker or you’re just getting started with javascript, in our hands-on sessions, we’ll give you the skills to build the future.

Take advantage of the unique contents created for our education target, where students and teachers will be able to learn more about their careers and prepare themselves to face the challenges of the future by developing new tech skills.

Interact with the technology you love, watch live demos, learn from experts and make a difference.


Secure a place to build the future now!


Join us if you are a student looking for a brigther future and new opportunities to build up your career.

Enjoy this special price, dedicated to students and learn everything about digital transformation.

Our 3rd day will be fully dedicated to education challenges, dont miss it.

Don't forget to apply to Job Pitch Challenge and meet the company of your dreams.


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Building Portugal

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They are the movers and shakers, the innovators and leaders who are building the future today. Meet the forerunners of this space of digital transformation.

Julia White

Julia White is Corporate VP at Microsoft since 2015. She leads product management of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, including Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Security and Mobility, Windows Server and System Center. Julia joined Microsoft in 2001 as a product manager, since then she has held roles in Enterprise Server and Office 365 product management, the United States subsidiary channel sales, and Exchange product marketing. Before Microsoft, Julia worked at Intuit on the Quicken and Quickbooks product lines.

José Neves

The businessman created his first company, Grey Matter, at 19 years old. At 21, José Neves launched the sneakers brand Swear and, later, released Bstore, which gave him a British Fashion Award. All his experience and passion for the fashion industry and technology led him to launch, in 2008, Farfetch: a luxury fashion e-commerce company, that today is a reference worldwide. In 2019, he announced the creation of Fundação José Neves, with the ambition to help transform Portugal through education and human potential development.

Pascal Finette

Pascal is Co-Founder at be radical, EY´s wavespace Advisory Board Chair, SingularityU´s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, VC at BOLD Capital Partners. Previously he held leadership positions at, Mozilla, and Ebay, built technology startups, launched a Venture Capital firm. He is the posse leader at, and is a general upstart when it comes to creating meaningful change.

Can you imagine how many talks, hands-on sessions or workshops about themes such as Digital Transformation, Resilient Business Operations, Data, Trust, Privacy and Education can fit in 3 days? We organized everything so you can make the most of your experience at Building The Future. Take a look at the agenda and build your own journey following the recommendations of our AI based platform!

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