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28 - 29 JAN 2020

Digitally Transforming Portugal

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Edu Day

NEW DAY - 30th January 2020

Build Brighter Futures is an event dedicated to education and technology that brings together who decides, who teaches, who leads, who researches and who supports this ecosystem to enable the digital transformation of education and the future of Portugal.

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Last Edition

Last Edition

The 29th and 30th of January 2019 were exciting and impactful days in Lisbon.

From technical to business oriented and strategic scope sessions to tech demos and experiences, Building the Future 2019 helped people from all backgrounds to better understand how they can create their future.

The first edition of Building the Future was just the beginning. Get ready to learn, meet and connect with the people that are building the future in 2020

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60+ sessions

3000+ participants

100+ speakers

70+ interactive

30+ partners

30+ startups


Building The Future is where technology, transformation and leadership meet to empower people and organizations.

Where you’ll find world-class experts that are changing the way we interact with reality. And where you’ll be able to learn from them with hands-on sessions and outstanding use cases.

After an unprecedented first edition, Building the Future established itself as Portugal’s greatest digital transformation event, returning in 2020 to build the vision, the strategy, the foundations and the code necessary to create the future.

Digital transformation is happening right now at an incredible pace and it’s impossible not to embrace it.

Building the Future is the place where experts meet, helping us to understand how technology is constantly redefining human progress. Futurist Gerd Leonhard, non-obvious Rohit Bhargava or A.I. fearless Jim Stolze shared their knowledge at inspiring sessions, paving the way for this year’s edition.

Get to know the current trends and build the vision for a collective future.

If you think your company is already digitally transformed and making the most of it, think again.

At Building the Future we go beyond concepts: we’ll show you in concrete and tangibly the gains new technologies will bring to your business.

Learn from visionary leaders and innovative case studies what’s the future of customer journey, how to make the most of a Gig Economy and how to build an innovative culture.

Get ready to boost your company’s productivity, creating new products and services and reshaping the way they collaborate and work.

In a world where all businesses are technological, you don’t need to be a heavy user or developer to understand how it impacts the world we live in.

It’s vital to empower all those who deal with technology on a daily basis to subjects such as Business Apps, Big Data, Blockchain or IoT so they can make a difference.

Once we strongly believe in democratising technology, the content offered during the event will allow the participants to fully emerge into what a technological business is and to be up to date with technological innovation.

Go deeper. Move forward. Code!

Whether you are a DevOps, an IT Pro, a Maker or you’re just getting started with javascript, in our hands-on sessions, we’ll give you the skills to build the future.

Interact with the technology you love, watch live demos, learn from experts and make a difference.


They are the movers and shakers, the innovators and leaders who are building the future today. Meet the forerunners of this space of digital transformation.

Laila Pawlak

Laila Pawlak heads up the innovation campus based in Copenhagen. Passionate about innovation through human-centered design, she is a sought after speaker on customer experiences, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and creating an exponential mindset. Laila is also an active angel investor, board member and advisor to politicians and organizations. She was nominated twice as Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Investor of the Year, and is on the list of the top 100 female role models.

Steve Clayton

Steve is Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller, manages Microsoft’s Inovation, Culture and Stories team and owns the blog “Geek in Disguise”. His ability to translate geek into something non-geeks could understand took him around the world, and he works now with teams across the company to help the world understand who Microsoft is and the impact its technology and people have on the world.

John Straw

A leading speaker on technology, who talks brilliantly about the 5 pillars of disruptive innovation. With 33 years in IT and marketing, John is a serial technology entrepreneur with 5 startups (martech and searchtech) and 5 exits behind him. Senior advisor to Mckinsey and Co, John is a NED with startup Ctrlio and also for BP owned startup Lytt. He authored the book Disrupted, and contributes to The Economist on A.I.

Can you imagine how many talks, hands-on sessions or workshops about themes such as Digital Transformation, AI, Machine Learning, Organizational Culture or Cybersecurity can fit in 2 days? We organized everything so you can make the most of your experience at Building The Future. Take a look at the agenda and build your own journey!

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Building Portugal Together

  • Ponta DelgadaGoverno Regional dos Açores e CCIA
  • FunchalGoverno Regional da Madeira e ACIF
  • PortoAEP
  • AveiroCâmara Municipal de Anadia e AIDA
  • LeiriaNERLEI
  • Castelo BrancoAEBB
  • ÉvoraPACT
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Building Portugal Together (BPT) is an initiative created to take Building The Future nationwide, co-organized by CIP - Confederação Empresarial de Portugal and Altice. This initiative takes place in 7 cities - Ponta Delgada, Funchal, Porto, Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Leiria, e Évora - and intends to recreate BTF locally, in order to decentralize the event and reach even more people.

The BPT will happen through a live streaming of some sessions, which begins with a live at Carlos Lopes Pavilion and all locations simultaneously, in the presence of the Minister of Economy and our hostess Filomena Cautela. It will also be a privileged networking moment to discuss digital transformation within small and medium companies, plus a exclusive workshop about digital transformation with Microsoft, Randstad and other partners.

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Startup World

Startup World

Tired of expos with hundreds of startups, where you leave frustrated because you don’t get to connect with the ones who really interest you?

So are we! That’s why we are bringing you the Startup World where the entire Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem meets for truly meaningful interactions.

From entrepreneurs to startups, accelerators, and investors, this is the place where the game-changers will meet so everyone can get to know the next big things.

Intelligent Day

Intelligent Day

What if somebody told you that at Building The Future you’ll be able to experience the future?

This unique area will showcase what the future holds, which surprising technologies are being developed and which extraordinary solutions will improve your daily routine.

From the moment you wake up at home, the way you go to your workplace, the workplace itself, in a walk through the city of the future with industry, services and retail experiences - and also leisure time for coffee and sports!

Experience a day in the future... in your future.

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Industry Talks

Industry Talks

The industries that make the world spin will be on the spotlight of Building The Future. We prepared a group of conferences that host renown national and international specialists, building up on innovative solutions and industry cases.

Utilities, retail and consumer goods, manufacturing, finance, insurance, health, tourism and gov – intelligent regulators are the sectors over which we will dwell on, bringing to discussion today’s hot topics and learning the impact that digital transformation has and how we can make the most of it.

Empowerment Hub

Empowerment Hub

Nowadays the most ambitious and relevant companies have as one of the main goals the concern with their workers, being permanently focused on empowering their teams, both regarding technical and soft skills.

For 2 days, Building The Future will be the booster for this trend, with workshops that will allow any professional to enrich knowledge in the areas of New Ways of Working, LinkedIn, The Power of Open Data, How to Build an App, Security Advanced Data Analysis, Empowering Women and Diversity & Inclusion.

All enhanced by technology. So that your organization becomes a high-performance team.


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Pavilhão Carlos Lopes
Avenida Sidónio Pais, nº16
Lisbon, Portugal

The Strategic Advisory Board of Building The Future is made up of representatives from the largest companies in Portugal, who contribute to the conception and development of the event.

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